Top 50 Blogs by Graduate Students

January 31, 2010

Graduate school can be an interesting adventure. However, it can also be quite challenging, fraught with difficulty. Every graduate degree has its own issues. It can help if you can connect to others who understand your situation. One way to do that is through blogs. Many graduate students are willing to share their thoughts, insights and study tips online. Here are 50 Blogs by graduate students:

Law Student Blogs

800px-Anderson_Stuart_Building_Sydney_UniLaw is one of the most challenging subjects. If you are looking for help through law school, these blogs can help you.

  1. JD Law Students Blog: Different JD candidates at Vermont Law School share their thoughts on being law students.
  2. On a Case by Case Basis: This Boston College law student shares insights on life and law.
  3. A New Kid on the Hallway: Look at the ups and downs of law school, and learn how to cope.
  4. Non Traditional Law Student: An interesting look at what it’s like to be a non traditional law student.
  5. First Movers: A look at the opinions of tomorrow’s legal scholars.
  6. Dissenting in Part: A law student’s look at how politics and religion intersect with law.
  7. Law is Cool: This law student offers information on law school and issues in Canada.
  8. Nuts & Boalts: Stories from law students at the University of Berkeley.
  9. Social Media Law Student: Shares insights with an emphasis on the legal issues surrounding the rise of social media.
  10. Law Student: Law students share ideas, videos and tips about working on a JD.
  11. Butterflyfish: This mom just barely finished law school. You can read about her adventures in finishing law school in the archives.
  12. Three Years of Hell to Become the Devil: This blog stopped with new posts in August 2006 when the author finished his law degree. However, you can’t beat the three years’ worth of archives that can help you in law school.

MBA Student Blogs

Business graduate students face their own set of challenges. Here are some insights from students who are working on their MBAs and hoping to be the next business leaders of America.

  1. Andrew Choi: Offers insight into getting a health care MBA, and interesting ways to interact.
  2. MBA for HairTwirler: A sort-of off beat MBA student. Offers insight into being an MBA student, and what to do when you are done.
  3. One Man Band: This MBA student also enjoys music and shares insights about both subjects.
  4. Wharton MBA for Executives: These Wharton MBA students share insights into the challenges and triumphs of being a business graduate.
  5. JulyDream: Learn about life and more from this MBA student at Darden.
  6. This is Not About Me: Learn about life at Darden as Jackie wors on her MBA.
  7. Inside HBS: Get an inside view of Harvard Business School from an MBA student.
  8. Comfortably Dumb: Another Darden student shares the ins and outs of working toward an MBA.
  9. sync: Another Harvard business graduate shares what it’s like to earn an MBA.

Medical Student Blogs

Learn about what it takes to make it in med school. These students go through the difficulties with you, and can provide insights in staying sane.

  1. Defying Gravity: Learn about life in medical school in Glasgow, Scotland.
  2. Michelle vs the Med Student: Learn about life as a med student, and the sort of work it takes to succeed.
  3. Restless Med Student: Insight into medicine and life as one tries to complete a medical education.
  4. Dose of Reality: The University of Michigan Medical School has students blogging and sharing their thoughts and tips.
  5. Plotzk: Get inside the head of a med student in NYC, trying to live it up while still becoming a doctor.
  6. Ahhhh…Medical School. We Meet At Last.: This med student is just about done, and you can read about her adventures while learning to be an M.D.
  7. Ah Yes, Medical School: Learn about the freaks one med students meets as she works her way through the system.
  8. CCLCM Student Blog: Learn about getting through med school from this student at the Cleveland Lerner College of Medicine.
  9. Half MD: While this blog just put up its last post, there are still very valuable archives going back two years.

Humanities and Social Sciences Student Blogs

Learn about life in humanities and social sciences, from psychology to education to history to English to communications and more, learn about being a grad student in these areas.

  1. Vox Populi: A Forum for English Grad Students at Princeton: Contributions from English grad students about life and school.
  2. A grad student in emerging media and communication offers insights into life and communications.
  3. UNL Political Science Graduate Student Blog: A look at political science from a grad student perspective.
  4. PhD Blog Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences: A look into the happenings of a grad student studying social sciences.
  5. History Graduate Students: Various students in history offer insight, news and advice on grad school.
  6. Life of a Psychology Ph.D. Student: This blog hasn’t been updated in a while, but it has several years of archives from a student working on a Ph.D.

Physical Sciences Student Blogs

When you work in the physical sciences, including physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy and more, you have a lot of interesting work to do — and some seriously hard work to get through. Also included here are math grad students, since math is a huge part of physical science.

  1. AMS Graduate Student Blog: Math graduate students share their thoughts and insights about school and career prospects.
  2. Adventures of a Grad Student: This math Ph.D. student is interested in a number of subjects, including martial arts and dancing.
  3. Undulations: This blog is written by a physics grad student who is also a belly dancer.
  4. Saket Vora: Learn about the life of an engineering grad student.
  5. Survival Blog for Scientists: Learn how to cope with being a scientist in graduate school.
  6. Green Gabbro: Maria recently completed a graduate degree in earth science, and her insights are useful and interesting.
  7. Michael Nielson: This recent grad student still has great insights into physics and being a student.
  8. Miss Atomic Bomb: This post-doc offers helpful insights into science graduate school, and struggling on beyond the Ph.D.

Arts Student Blogs

Learn about what it’s like to get an advanced degree related to the arts, usually in the form of a Master of Fine Arts (MFA). A lot of interesting stories and information in these blogs.

  1. Grad Student Madness: These graduate students look at art and culture.
  2. MFA Blog: Learn about what it’s like to get a Master’s of Fine Arts — especially in creative writing.
  3. A Photo Student: Working on a graduate photography MFA degree, and all that comes with it.
  4. PennDesign MFA Forum: Get insight from a number of MFA students at Penn.
  5. Fashion School Daily: Fashion design grad students share interesting photos and thoughts about school.
  6. Chatham GRADUATE Student Blog: Students at Chatham share their insights and tips regarding advanced degrees in the arts.

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